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Monterey Bay Nursery Image and Text Use Policy

In a nutshell, if one of our images isn't associated in any way with a business, and/or isn't used to sell anything, and it is not going to be reproduced more than once (i.e. single copy), and/or if it isn't going to be on the internet or retransmimtted electronically, it is probably okay. Yes, it is okay to make a card for your mother for her birthday. Yes, you can use one of our images for computer wallpaper.

The fine details:

You may use our images and/or text as long as you follow our guidelines. Any use beyond these guidelines requires explicit prior written approval. 

First, you may not use text or images for any commercial use, nor in any way associated with commercial use, whatsoever. If it involves making money off our text or images, it isn't allowed. This means you may use images for wallpaper for your computer, or as a personal screensaver, or you can make a card for your mom, or you can print a picture for your wall, or you can use pictures or text for a school project (if credited!). But if you are going to sell any of the resulting products, or retransmit them electronically, such use is prohibited. You may not use any content as part of any business product, including but not limited to presentations, sales materials, plant signs, plant labels, tee shirts or other clothing, logos, artwork, or anything else you can think of that has anything to do with any commercial use, without express written prior approval.

If you want to use one of the images or text for a presentation, and if such a presentation results in compensation, such use would usually involve purchasing rights to the image from us, but not always. If such a presentation is done without compensation, such use is allowed without prior consent AS LONG AS OUR COPYRIGHT NOTICE OR COMPANY NAME IS NOT REMOVED OR OBSCURED FROM THE IMAGE AND AS LONG AS USE OF TEXT IS CREDITED.  So if you want to give a talk to your local garden group using our images, you may as long as you don't accept any speaker's fee, or you receive prior consent.

You also may not use our text or images in digital form in any way that is accessible to the public, or retransmitted between private parties. This means you may not post such text or images on the Internet on your website, nor include them as part of your email sig, nor use them on your Facebook profile, nor do a school project that requires you to upload your images to any publicly accessible Internet address. Anything which enables another user to access and download our images is forbidden. Any retransmission is forbidden. You may not use them on your website, even if you are one of our customers, without prior express written approval.

We also reserve the right to forbid any particular use of our intellectual and digital property, including those implicitly allowed above, at any time and with no notice. We also reserve the right to demand immediate cessation of use or transmission of any of our images and text for which permission has been previously allowed according to this policy.

If you have further questions, or would like to purchase or negotiate use of higher resolution versions of images you see, contact Luen Miller.

rev 2/2009