rev 8/2016


By far the single greatest source of new plant introductions to the California nursery industry and gardening scene for the last twenty years, the Arboretum at UC Santa Cruz still has the largest and best collection of Australian plants outside of Australia (and what would be one of the best inside Australia as well).  We are proud to offer a large number of their introductions. Also check out their Edward D. Landels New Zealand Garden, their excellent collection of Proteaceae and other plants from South Africa, their California native plant display, and their very interesting and important collection of early Angiosperms. Besides being one of the most spectacular assemblages of flowering plants, these collections together tell the interesting story of plant evolution as influenced by plate tectonics.

The  Australian National Botanic Gardens  is an excellent resource for information on Australian plants and their culture. As might be expected, they probably have the most extensive collection of Australian plants in the world.

The Australian Native Plant Society (formerly ASGAP, the Association of Societies for Growing Australian Plants) is another great resource for lovers of Australian plants. If you are looking for very in-depth discussion of cultural and biogeographical information be sure to check here.

Ferns of the Canberra Region is a nice look at a number of Australian ferns. This quaint site was obviously the result of time and dedication by a couple of people who just really liked ferns. Also, check out the historic imaging info, really takes you back if you did any web design or imaging work in the early days of the then-new and still-exciting World Wide Web. Clearly this site hasn't been updated in about 15 years or more, and it's very nice just the way it is!