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Jeff Anderson's Wonderful Weekly Crop Images
T A K E N  A P R I L 25th:

Are you running around like crazy?  It must be Spring then!

Buddleia Buzz Purple 5G

Silene 'Druett's Variegated' 1G
a wonderful, usually evergreen (in California) perennial that grows as a very tight, dense mound
of creamy white and grey green foliage, tight enough to completely exclude weeds.
Inflated white flowers on short stalks is produced from spring through fall.
Full to half sun, average drainage and watering. Very hardy.

Salvia 'Purple Majesty' 1G   buds just poppin'
to 4' tall with 10" flower spikes.

Iris Pacific Coast 'Gold Special' in Quarts
Hello Spring!  Plants are medium-sized & should
bloom for the next couple of weeks.

Aloe arborescens 'Variegata' 2G
Easy to grow shrubby type, 8-10', 20-25°

-Jeff Anderson
Sales Rep with Monterey Bay Nursery,
Renee's Garden Seeds, & Cornucopia Seeds
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